Who we are

Creative Web Design & Development Agency.

We believe in providing value to our clients.

Zagg Developments was found in 2020 by an 18 year old web designer and developer named Zaid Mirza. Since then, we’ve got to work with some great businesses, build up good relationships with them and provide a lot of value to them. We believe success is growing together.


Are goals are all about....

Creating Value

We strive to provide value to our clients with our services, we believe that designs are only great if they bring value for our clients.

Building relations

We are fairly new in the industry and our goal is to build a great client base and solve their problem. We believe in mutual growth and value for all.

Network with great people

We plan to network with as many great companies and people and bring value to them, in turn, grow and learn from their experience and expertise.


Easy and simple Our Best Portfolio

Web Design
Web Design
Web Design
Web Design

The awards won by our project.

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